A Blessing for Rascal

Heavenly Father,
You sent your Son into the world
Because you delighted in all that you had made.
You gave to humanity all creatures
To provide us with companionship,
To make your love for us visible,
And to bless you in return.

Heavenly Father,
Bless and make holy this creature, whom I have named Rascal,
But whose life belongs to you.
May the love which binds you with all creation
Be revealed in the love which binds myself to him,
That we may both be happy together.
By your grace ennoble Rascal
To love, to obey, and to protect
Myself, Anthony, your son
All the days of his life.
And by your grace strengthen me
To teach him with kindness, gentleness, and patience
All that he needs to know
To achieve the fullness of the dignity of his nature.

Heavenly Father,
I mark Rascal with the sign of the Cross of your Son,
(bless with holy water)
The sign of the restoration of all creation,
The sign of my confident expectation that all things will be made new
When your Son returns.

On that day,
The day your glory is revealed to all your creatures,
May I find Rascal again,
Awaiting me, his master,
In the green fields, fresh with dew,
In the bright morning sun. Amen.